October 4, 2011

It's Surgery Day!

Surgery day has finally rolled around for Chase and we are prepping to head to the hospital for his tonsils to be removed and tear duct tubes placed. He is pretty congested, so there's a chance the anesthesiologist could deny him surgery today, but we're proceeding under the assumption that there will be no problem.

We will arrive at the hospital at 9:30, and surgery will start at 11:30am. He'll stay the night and come home tomorrow. Trent is especially excited that his little brother gets to have his tonsils out just like he did, and wishes he could have a slumber party at the hospital with his little brother!

We have gone through surgery with both of these surgeons before, and are pros at Scottish Rite by now - it's nice to have that comfort to keep us from feeling nervous. Please pray for a good day medically and for the congestion not to be a problem!

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  1. We will be praying fervently for sweet Chasey. Love, Nana & Boo