December 7, 2011


We finally have a date for the induction Monday 12/12! (provided the baby doesn't decide to come before then on her own...)

The baby's room is ready enough (crib is put together with light pink and green adorable Serena & Lily bedding but walls are blue!) and we're resigned to having boxes around for a good while, but we're ready!

Trent is going to have a big day tomorrow - today is his last day at his old elementary school and tomorrow he starts at the new, local kindergarten near the new house! He doesn't seem to be nervous at all, and is actually quite excited! Lots of changes around here - whew!


  1. Well this is all good news!! 12/12 will be an easy b'day date to remember!! Great news on Trent, too!! Will say prayers for him tomorrow as he starts his new school. How is Chasey doing????

    love to all,

    Nana and Boo!

  2. Wow- big changes coming your way very fast. Hoping everything goes well.