December 9, 2011

More Firsts - Big Boy Bed and Teeth!

This week has continued to be a week of firsts!

Trent's first (and second) day at school went great - we were blown away by how nonchelant Trent was about starting a new school halfway through the year. His teacher is super-nice, the school seems great, and Trent is already learning the names of friends in his class. He has mastered the bus ride, found his classrom on his own, and is excited about continuing to go back!

Today's day at school brought an extra special surprise... his loose tooth fell out! His teacher wrapped it up and put it in a felt tooth pouch which she safety pinned onto his shirt so he could show it off all day. What a cute idea!

Chase is farring just fine with his brother back in school and had a big night of his own last night, sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time! It took him a long time to get to sleep, and he even crawled out of bed (around the rails), came down the stairs, and found us watching tv in the living room! Tonight he has gone to bed wonderfully - it seems he is enjoying being a "big boy" like his brother!

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  1. Hoping the big "first girl" is going well! Hooray for Trent and Chase.