January 7, 2012

Ryan Pittman - Testimony

This wonderful video strengthened my assurance for Chase's developing knowledge of Christ and reiterated for me the great opportunity that people with special needs have - to show how we all need God's grace, love and mercy. We all fall short and need God's grace, every single one of us. Be sure to watch till the end, as the ending is the best part.

Chase's faith is already apparent ... he loves to pray and is the one to remind our family to bless the food at mealtime. In fact he wants to pray several times throughout the meal sometimes! Recently he has started telling me he wants us to pray for certain people when we get ready to say our nighttime prayers, which is a new thing. I don't really know what Chase truly thinks about God or prayer yet, but I love knowing that Chase is fully capable of understading God's love for him, and the saving grace that God offers and which every one of us needs so desperately.

(Thanks to Elizabeth K. for passing along this amazing video!)


  1. This is absolutely beautiful and very moving. Thank you, thank you for sharing. xxxooo Nana and Boo

  2. That was beautiful and inspiring. Thank you! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, your Chase and my Emily are two peas in a pod. Emily is usually the one that reminds us if we forget to say the blessing before meals and she starts naming people to pray for when we all pray together at night! Thank you for posting this as I have often thought about Emily asking Jesus to be her Lord and Savior!