February 1, 2012

Pre-K Evaluation

Yesterday was Chase's evaluation for public pre-K and it was a lot of fun. Chase had a blast playing with all the fun toys they had there, and the therapists who evaluated him thought he was so sweet. As expected, they found that he had significant delays in all five areas that they tested, so Chase will qualify for the program.

On Tuesday, they'll let us know what his results mean in terms of physical/occupational/speech therapy. Any PT/OT that they provide will simply support what the teacher is doing in the class and may only be two hours or so a month. So we'll continue all his current private therapies.

Depending on the current class size at Trent's elementary school, Chase could be placed there, which is what we're hoping for. We probably won't find out until the end of February.

As Chase won't start school till March 10th, we have tried out a small local preschool/MMO program that some of the neighbors attend. It has an indoor playground - perfect for Chase to use to climb all around and practice his PT skills! He had a blast there today and will continue going there twice a week until the other program starts in March. Today they had a teddy bear picnic - so adorable!


  1. Wow. It sounds like our prayers are being answered. How very precious! A teddy bear picnic. Sweetness personified! We will continue to pray that he receives all the help he needs and then some. love you sweet ones. Nana and Boo

  2. He seems to be doing so well! Did I tell you about my friend's DS daughter who is now managing their coffee roastery?