March 14, 2012

First Day Recap

Chase's first day went smoothly and he came home happy and tired! The teachers did a great job of putting together a communication notebook filled with take-home exercises to support what they do in class, and a daily summary sheet showing what Chase did and how things went throughout the day. I enjoyed the chance to find out how each segment of the school day went and how Chase responded.

There are six kids in the class, including the adorable bundle of energy and happiness that is the sweet girl Chase already knew prior to starting school. The teachers wrote me a little note telling me that they were excited to see each other and played together at school. They even rode the bus home side by side together!

The kids are learning vocabulary from The Very Hungry Caterpillar and a seasonal egg story, and after wearing themselves out playing and learning, they take a nap on little mats in the room.

So all in all, a great first day and a happy little boy who has mastered the bus ride. I can't wait to open his little notebook and read about how today went once he comes home from school!


  1. We are so thrilled his first day went so well! Wonderful news! Love, Nana and Boo

  2. What a happy day! You might want to look at

    I just downloaded it, and haven't read yet, but it's only free through tomorrow, so I wanted to tell you.

  3. The Kindle reader for PC is free- just download it and you can read Kindle format on your computer. That's all I have.