March 31, 2012

LEAD Atlanta - A Recap

Congratulations to Scott for graduating yesterday from LEAD Atlanta

For the past eight months, Scott has participated in the leadership program where they learned not only leadership skills, but worked together to better the Atlanta community through practical service, learning from major public figures and theoretical exercises. 

Last night was the celebration to cap off the program, and with the aid of a brave babysitter, I was able to finally go meet the people that Scott had been spending so much time with. And let me tell you, these people are pretty amazing. If you want to be inspired, five minutes in a room with some of them will do the trick. Three of them are currently running for office, and others are working in a wide variety of interesting fields around town, but everyone seemed to be doing something impressive within their professional or personal life to positively affect those around them -- it truly blew me away. I can't wait to hear what everyone goes on to do from here.

Here are my personal take aways from the program:
- Read the news - we can't affect our community if we don't know what's going on in our community.
- Learn the opposite point of view - make sure to know what you believe and be able to talk with others who disagree.
- Do something to make change around you, even if it's in a very small way.
- Be passionate!

There are LEAD programs in most major cities - I think Scott would encourage anyone to check it out and sign up to participate!

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