March 28, 2012


After a seeming eternity of construction, LegoLand has finally opened in Atlanta! Although it is not on the same scale as the large, outdoor Lego-theme-parks of Florida and California, it is really neat to see and the kids had so much fun. There was one ride, a 3-D movie, and a ton of lego building activities for all ages.

Trent upon seeing the sign for LegoLand
We decided to take all three of the kids to try it out, and everyone had a blast. 

Trent stuck close to the section where you build your own lego car and then race it down a ramp with other kids, while Chase did the slide about 100+ times.

It was a therapist's dream - 
legos for OT and climbing up the steps to do the slide over and over again for PT! 

Even Scott got in on the fun and helped Trent build a foam lego tower as high as he could until it toppled over!

Well worth the trip, the noise, and the crowd!

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