March 18, 2012

Hope From The Wrongful Birth Decision

Many have heard of the recent Oregon wrongful birth suit won by parents who were awarded nearly $3 Million recently. As painful as that news was to read, John Knight from Works of God wrote a beautiful article illuminating the glimmer of hope that arises from cases such as that one: 

"The recent decision to award an Oregon couple $2.9 million from a ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuit has left me feeling like there’s actually some good news embedded in this story.
"Four years ago a little girl was born with Down syndrome.  Her mother had received testing and would have aborted her little girl if the results had shown evidence of Down syndrome.  But somebody made a mistake with the test, the mother was told her baby was fine, and the little girl was allowed to live.
So the couple sued, stating they now needed significant financial resources to care for a girl who they otherwise would not have wanted before she was born.  A jury agreed.
"Here’s the good news from that article:  “These are parents who love this little girl very, very much,” Miller said (their attorney). “Their mission since the beginning was to provide for her and that’s what this is all about.”
"I don’t know if ‘that’s what this is all about’ or not. Comments and blogs have vilified these parents for their openness about wanting to abort.  Yes, I find their initial thinking about abortion to be horrifying as well.
"But somewhere along the way they learned to love this child.  She went from being unknown to being known.  She entered a family and was given a name.  And today she is loved.
"Abortion is an act of violence against a small human being who cannot defend herself; that is reason enough to be against it.  But it is also a final act – that small human being will never be known.
"Those of us who have already decided against abortion are frequently dismissed as deluded or guided strictly by manufactured sentiment – of course we’ll see value in and love a child with disabilities.
"But this couple was willing and preparing to abort if disability was found – yet love their child today. They cannot be dismissed by abortion proponents so easily.
"So I’m praying that the one line – “these are parents who love this little girl very, very much” – will burst like a spotlight through the darkness of another mom and dad considering aborting their child with Down syndrome.  May they see that she isn’t a thing to be discarded but a little girl to be loved."
To read the rest of John's thoughts, go here. 

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  1. I thought the same thing. A failed test led to the birth of a precious child. A child who is loved.