March 7, 2012

The R-Word - Annual Day of Action

Today - March 7th, 2012 - is the Annual Day of Action to Stop Use of the "R-Word". Visit to take the pledge to stop using the word "retarded" and while you're on the internet, check out Amy Julia Becker's article: The R-Word and the Courage to Say I’m Sorry ... a great discourse on the topic!

Here are some good links if you want to learn more, courtesy of the Special Olympics:

IntellectualDisabilities Fact Sheet - A one-page reference about intellectual disabilities.

Language andTerminology -  A one-page fact sheet on the language to use when talking about people with intellectual disabilities.

Youth OpinionResearch on the R-word - Recent research overview of the usage of the word “retard” among young people.

Media Portrayal ofPeople with Intellectual Disabilities Research - Research report conducted in 2005 about the portrayal of people with intellectual disabilities in film and in the media.

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