April 9, 2012

Baseball Bats and Cave Excursions

I took a quick break from sharing about our spring break trip, as Easter required some pictures of a certain baby in a pretty smocked Easter dress (click Here if you missed it!). I promised I would finish filling you in on the rest of our trip to Kentucky, though, so here's Part Two.

Before leaving Louisville, we stopped at the Louisville Slugger Factory Museum where they actually make the baseball bats from start to finish. We took a tour of the factory and the kids got to do a little version of a batting cage which was SO much fun! They had a lot of baseball and baseball bat history, and gave us each a mini Louisville Slugger to take home with us. The big challenge is going to be keeping the kids from swinging those bats and connecting with someone's head, a wall, or a piece of furniture!

And because we can't seem to take a vacation without hitting at least four states, we drove across the bridge and into Indiana so that I could say that I had actually been there. See - here's proof ... Trent and I posing in Indiana in the middle of a McDonald's parking lot. Classy vacation pictures, don't you think?

The biggest part of our trip has very few pictures, and you'll understand why... After Louisville, we drove to Bowling Green, KY - halfway between Louisville and Nashville where Mammoth Cave is located. Believe it or not, this cave is the longest in the world and is absolutely amazing!

After a short picnic, we took the kids on a two hour, 2.5 mile hike inside the cave which lead us 300 feet below the surface of the ground. We had to crouch down to move forward at some parts, whereas in other areas the walls on each side of us got very narrow. (Not the easiest when the baby is in a bjorn and the 3-year-old needs to be periodically carried...) We got our workout in that day for sure, but the kids did fantastic and everyone found it to be exciting and worth the effort!

To save my camera from being scratched up while tunneling through the cave, we skipped taking pictures while inside and simply took a quick shot by the car after finishing the hike... Anybody notice the blue and grey theme here? Completely unintentional but yes, we're a Georgetown family! I find it so impressive that the kids were still smiling after hiking for 2+ hours well underground!

Although most people thought our vacation choice was a bit obscure, we were apparently starting a fad ... The AJC ran an article this weekend about all the fun stuff to do in Kentucky with travel tips and info about the May 5th Kentucky Derby! (Click HERE!) There's surprisingly a lot to do around there, and the kids enjoyed the trip as much as we did. I wish I had taken pictures of the drive - who knew Kentucky would be absolutely gorgeous! Pretty pretty horse country and well worth the drive!

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  1. Sounds like a great adventure. Im not sure we wouldve done as well in the cave! Going back to look at your little one in her smocked dress. I just looked at the photos taken yesterday and not one of our little one in her smocked dress look as I expected. I might have to do a re-do in a few days. (I did get some great egg hunting photos tho.) My FIL has one of those bats- I was wondering where it came from. He kept his hanging on a wall display. He was an umpire for ALL the years Ive known him. I will add KY to our list of places to visit.