April 7, 2012

Kentucky Break

For those of you who did not guess our vacation location (see this post), we went to Kentucky! Of all places... {insert roll of eyes}  Don't you think that whiskey and horse racing is an ideal spring break for little ones?!? Just Kidding! No worries, we skipped the bourbon trail and although we visited Churchill Downs, there was no betting going on!

My husband decided that we had traveled in all directions from Atlanta except for north (although we had been to Nashville and Chattanooga before), so North we went! We drove all the way to Louisville the first day, which was quite a feat considering we had a backseat full of kids, including the 15 week old baby who had never been on a car trip!

The first place we visited in Louisville was Churchill Downs, the legendary horse track of the Kentucky Derby!  

Just walking around the grounds was fun, as the place has so much history. We enjoyed seeing the names of all the winners posted around the building as the names were so creative!

The kids got a kick out of seeing the horses and Trent even got to ride a fake horse while playing a horse race video game! Can you imagine anything more exciting? 

  It was neat to see in person and will make watching the Derby even more interesting in the future! 

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