April 1, 2012

Two New Pets

Yesterday was beyond exciting as we acquired two new pets... Pets that Trent had been wanting for a long long time. 

Can you tell how adorable he thinks these creepy crawly creatures are?

Yes, that is a bug box. Aunt Elizabeth's bug box from when she was a kid, actually. And there are two "hungry catepillars" in there. A pair, of course, so that they can keep each other company.

These are such special pets that they go everywhere with Trent. They sit by him as he eats, they sleep by him at night, they watch him play on the ipad, and they travel with him in the car. He even asked if he could take them to church today. Just try to take the bug box out of his hands to make him get dressed (or do anything else for that matter...) and see what happens! He needs to "watch" them to make sure they're ok... all the time.

One caterpillar we found on our hike yesterday, the other we found on a tree by our driveway. Truth be told, there was also a third caterpillar, but he unfortunately did not make it. Perhaps he got poked one too many times with a stick.

While Trent obsessed over babysitting the caterpillars, Chase showed off his fast-walking while holding an object with two hands. This is supposed to be a big exercise for him right now as it's hard to do, and he practiced it all over the field of pretty yellow flowers. 

Hopefully these two bugs will stick around longer than the goldfish from the fair which hung out with us for just a few days!

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