May 12, 2012

Brother Summer Fun

We've finally hit the point I've been waiting for ... I know I'm not supposed to hold my breath for impending milestones as I don't want to miss how incredibly wonderful the present is. However, I've been waiting for the moment where I could take the boys to the playground and just let them have free reign to play together without me - just two brothers having fun!

It's not that I don't want to partake in their play, or that I need some kind of distance from them, I simply want Trent and Chase to be able to run their energy out without my needing to carefully facilitate each step that Chase makes or assist him in taking part in the activity. It's so exciting to just let them be creative in how to enjoy being outside and romp all over the huge playset.

The playground in our neighborhood is big and T-A-L-L! But if I ignore Chase (and only if I ignore - or pretend to ignore him), he will climb all the way up to the top and slide all the way down the huge big-boy slide all by himself. Piece of cake. It's ridiculous - not only can he physically do this, but this child has no fear!

Yesterday, the kids had their fun with the slides, playing pirates and chasing each other around, and then abandoned the playground in favor of basketball (which I know made their daddy proud!).


 Even Baby Caroline had some fun, swinging for the first time! And with the boys able to play on their own, she even got to have a little attention for a change! Lucky girl! (and lucky mommy!)


  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes the best thing we can do for our children is ignore them (or make them think that) for a minute or two and let them be independent:) I always find this hard (and my kids are all grown) Lol. Just hopping over from the May Day Blog Hop and am now following you. I would love to invite you to link up any of your posts to my first time ever blog hop:) Hope to see you there.

  2. Children can be so fearless at times! :-) It looks like they had such a wonderful time in the park. This is a precious moment to capture.

  3. I am a parent of a child with special needs. I look forward to following you. Hello from the blog hop :)

  4. Love that swing picture. What cuties you have!