May 20, 2012

Little Buzz Fuzz

Growing up as a girl, I never knew the fun of a summer shear... but with Trent's thick hair, we have made summer buzz cuts a tradition! I wish we could have videotaped the hysterical laugh-fest that took place when they made him "bald"! (I say bald, because that's the haircut he actually asked for...) Here's a before and after shot:
Before - Pretty Brown Hair
After - No Hair!
Apparently the new hair cut made Trent a tough guy - here is his imitation of a football player!

Although Trent will never find himself on a football team (that just seems a little scary to mom and dad), I did get to go on a date with him to the local par-3 this weekend though, and was incredibly impressed at the fact that he kept up with the pace of play with golf! We had a lot of fun until a pop-up thunderstorm came out of nowhere, sirens started going off, and we were ushered back to the pro-shop for consolation ice cream sandwiches. Ok, well maybe that part was fun too! We are going to make a big effort to have a lot more of those special one-on-one dates with the kids!

One favorite part of the weekend that I can always look forward to is letting the boys watch a little TV first thing in the morning while I wake up with a cup (or two or three) of coffee in the rare peace of quiet. This might be the only bit of quiet around here all day!

Yesterday, baby girl and Chase woke up at 6am while Trent (and of course their daddy) slept in, so they got to have a little tv date together. I never let the baby watch, but I needed my hands free for a moment this morning and this was the result:

These boys love on their baby sister like you wouldn't believe!

Great weekend, but there is going to be a lot of excitement to come this week as school gets out! What were the best parts of your weekend?


  1. The hair cut looks good. New follower from the blog hop

  2. We do the summer buzz cuts too, for all four of our boys! Of course, one of them needs a mohawk... yes, daddy's idea. and it fits this kid's personality perfectly, so I agreed :)

    I let my kids watch tv this morning while I drank coffee too :) I think that is why God gave us TVs!

  3. Oh, I wish I could do the buzz cut thing just once in my very girly life.

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