May 31, 2012

Reunion Time - Music Time

10 years have passed since college graduation, so our family is joining the swarm of Hoyas heading to the hilltop tomorrow for our reunion! Since Scott and I met in college, got engaged in college, and got married just two months after graduation, heading back up is so special to us for so many different reasons!

As I was thinking about our graduation and our wedding (they happened around the same time with all the same people with us), I found myself singing two songs in my head throughout the day - the song for our first dance (which was playing when Scott proposed to me in my senior year basement apartment) and the song inscribed on our wedding bands (which Scott played when we first got in the car to go out on the fancy date which turned into our engagement night). Here you go, so you can have these in your head now too!

the Grant life

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  1. Great songs! Makes me want to go to a wedding. :)