June 19, 2012

Callaway Gardens - Sprint Triathalon!

Our Father's Day started off with a bang - literally, the starting gun of the Calloway Gardens Sprint Triathalon! We went down the night before, making it a quick trip - we got in so late that we were only really there 14 hours! 

It was Scott's second time competing in the race, but the first to which he took all of us, and we had so much fun!! We were all very proud of him and it was great that he could give us the inside scoop after doing it once before.

Scott did great and beat his time by last year, both by going faster on the various legs, but also by strategizing his transitions. As you can tell by this shot - which shows only a tenth of the bikes and transition spots - it can be incredibly hard to pick out your bike and shoes in the sea of wheels! 

The whole event was very family friendly, which made it easy for the kids and I to manage being spectators. But the real treat for the boys was playing in the sand by the lake (where the swim part was held) after the race.

Although the water was muddy during the race and hard to see through, the rest of the day it was an amazing, beautiful, clear blue. Such a gorgeous Father's Day!


  1. Beautiful photos, Chase looks so gorgeous, cheeky little smile. The biking part of triathlons is the part that makes me nervous, always scared I will fall off or someone will run into me! looks like such a great sunny weekend :) x

  2. Thank you, thank you for these wonderful pictures! Sooo proud of Scott! Love, Chris

  3. Oh my goodness, your family is beautiful! It definitely looks like everyone had a good time.

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