June 6, 2012

Hoya Saxa - Reunion Recap

What an amazing weekend! We were so blessed to be able to travel up to Georgetown in Washington DC for our 10 year reunion - with three kids, this was no small accomplishment for us, but we survived and had so much fun!

We stayed across the Key Bridge in Rosslyn, VA - isn't the view from our hotel room breathtaking? The scene is great not just for the beauty, but also for the change in the school's profile with all the new buildings that have been built since we've graduated. The campus feels like it has doubled, with several new (and amazingly nice) dorms, a cafeteria, business school building, science building, and a couple new fields. It's very impressive.

The time with our friends was wonderful, especially since most of these people live around the country and several have lived or will soon live abroad as well. We only get to see most of them once a year at most, and usually not that frequently, so it was nice that almost everyone we were close friends with managed to make it to the reunion.

The kids all fell in love with our friends, who spent an extraordinary amount of time having fun with them. It was the first time anyone had met baby Caroline, but she had to share the attention as the boys demanded to sit next to their favorite friends, hold their hands, and ask question after question!

Wouldn't this make a classic Christmas card for Kyle and Robyn, who all but adopted our kids while we were in town? I love how Chase is making the sign for "monster" in this picture and giving the camera a face to go along with it! 

Kyle and Robyn were amazing, taking the whole weekend to drive us around DC to show the kids the monuments, take them to museums, and cart us from one dinner and event to another.  If they didn't know what life was like with kids prior to this event, they sure did get to have a close-up experience while we were in town!

And Helena obviously didn't get enough of us, and was willing to meet up in NYC for one last chaotic dinner with us and the kids before we finally left for home.

I wish I had photos of all the other people we spent time with, but I have to wait for others to post their pictures before I can see the rest. It was a fabulous group of people that we got to spend time with, an event that was so much fun, and we can't be happier to have gone to the school that we choose to attend!  Really, we are so blessed to have these amazing friendships!Hoya Saxa!

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