June 10, 2012

Monumental Monuments!

After learning about national symbols in two different lessons over the past year, Trent really knew what the Washington monuments were all about. This proved to create a lot of excitement in our family leading up to our DC trip, and it was extra rewarding for Scott and I as parents to see him discover in real life what he had thusfar just been learning on paper. These weren't just some old granite buildings, they really had a history and meant something - even to a five year old!

Our first day in DC, we checked out the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum, following that up the next day with a tour around the Jefferson and Lincoln. Our last day, we had ice cream on the Mall (the grassy mall, not the shopping kind) and hit the Air & Space Museum. Nothing could be cooler than seeing those airplanes and learning about how all that works!

It is so special that our kids are getting to the age where they can really enjoy the things we travel to see -- it's fun to know that we're really creating memories for them and teaching them things that they'll remember for years to come!

Butterfly Garden next to Natural History Museum
 Although Scott and I really do miss DC and all it has to offer, we are so glad that we live in Suburbia - a place where there are no subways or cabs required to live an every day life, where we have garages so that we can pull in on rainy days and unload without getting wet, and where strollers are a convenience and not an obstacle! 

{As you can tell, baby got cut out of this photo, and all we were left with of Trent was his head. I'm totally firing the photographer.}
DC is an amazing and sometimes magical place, but we sure are glad we left before having kids. Visiting is much more fun - especially when friends are around to sweeten the trip!


  1. Looks like a wonderful family trip! Haven't been to DC in years...thinking I should go back!
    XO, Barbara @ Chase the Star

  2. Love your trip pictures! Love, Nana & Boo

  3. Hi I am your newest follower and agree it is fantastic to see your child's realization that what he has been learning about is actually real. My 8 year old keep begging me to take him to the museum to see all the historic artifacts there. I promised to take him to the Museum when we visit Miami this summer.
    Hope you can follow back.

  4. The only good thing about living in a city is that you can walk to a lot of places.