June 16, 2012

Mr. Sandman - Bring Chase a Dream

This week has been full of doctor's appointments - both the scheduled kind and the surprises!

Caroline's 6 month doctor visit was a nonevent, with the only interesting tidbit being that she's still at 90-some% for her height and weight. Trent was the unlucky recipient of pink eye from camp, so we had to go right back for another quick visit to get eye drops, which really are the worst punishment possible for a five-year old! He's doing just fine now... apart from the 3x/day that we have to wrestle with him to get those antibiotic drops in his eye!

Chase's pulmonologist appointment was more tricky. The good news is that taking out his tonsils and adenoids has fixed his sleep apnea! He still stops breathing a couple times a night (sounds scary, right?) but it's within the normal range and a HUGE improvement from where it was before. Nothing to worry about.

The surprising thing that his sleep study revealed, however, is that Chase is only getting 76% sleep as opposed to the 95% he is supposed to be getting at night. He wakes up at night (without us realizing it, as he doesn't call out or leave his bed) for over an hour, which is far from what we would expect. We don't know why he is waking up for so long (behavioral issue? pain? discomfort?) so it's hard to know how to go about solving the problem. It is something we need to fix, though, as the poor guy is exhausted during the day!

Our next steps are to see a pulmonologist sleep expert, check his blood levels again (thyroid was just a smidgen low last month), visit the GI doctor to see if his reflux could be involved, and to monitor how things go from here. Please pray that we figure out what's bugging the little guy so that we can get him better rested, on a better track for development, and a little happier during the day with more energy!

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  1. Great pix. Caroline looks ready to start school tomorrow!