June 28, 2012

Night One Accountability

So the Great Sleep Training has begun! For real this time.... We did try to get Caroline to cry it out a week or two ago, but caved into her pitiful tears after an hour of her crying - we were weak, but it was so hard! Last night, however, we went full force, letting her cry it out throughout the night!

I had gotten the Mom's On Call book with their suggestions for crying it out, and implemented every last one of them including the white noise, bathtime, singing, and putting her in the crib while awake. They say to make sure the crib is a safe environment, and then stay out of her room all night ... no peeking your face in the crib to console the baby, as this just creates confusion. (Makes sense!)

So last night we did just that and there were two prolonged periods where Caroline cried and then fell asleep, and a couple very short periods where she cried and fell asleep quickly. This morning she is tired (she was up a long time!) but still no worse for wear.

We'll see how Night #2 goes tonight - hopefully it will only take the three promised days before she is sleeping soundly!!

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  1. I was just a wimp with crying it out. it was so so hard!! I think we finally did it at 8 or 9 months... but I had the worst time with it and still struggle with it from time to time. good luck!!

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