June 8, 2012

Ruffles and Tutus

After two boys, we finally have our baby girl and she turns six months old tomorrow! I can't believe it! If you haven't seen her millions of pictures on this blog, she is an adorable blond hair blue eyed darling who already weighs a whopping twenty pounds of sweetness!

Everyone constantly asks what it's like to finally have a baby girl, and whether I'm enjoying the pretty little pink outfits.... I'll just let you look at my recent pins to let you decide for yourself what my answer might be!


Somehow, pink, ribbons, tutus and bows are all so much more fun and exciting when there is a baby girl to have fun along with you!

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  1. She is absolutely darling! Happy half birthday to your little girl :)

  2. Aw!! She is such a sweetheart!! I have two boys as well and am contemplating the should we or shouldn't we try for a girl? Haha, maybe not the best reason to have a baby...what if we got to number 6 and no girl?!! Thanks so much for linking up these beautiful finds-love the 7 ways to make a ruffle :)