July 5, 2012

100% Authentic Ninja

We have a ninja on our hands... Trent is taking his new "interest" very seriously and we have had to dress up in our very authentic ninja outfit for him to train and hone his fighting skills. Ninjas also have to practice their spying and eat lots of sushi because they need to stay healthy. 

Unfortunately ninja clothes involve long black pants, thick black sweatshirts, and black socks to cover their faces and disguise them - not really hot weather attire, but that does not seem to stop Trent. Oh, and Trent is a red belt. Because that's the color of my bathrobe's belt. 

Watch out guys, this ninja means business!


  1. Very cool looking ninja, love the bathrobe belt :)

  2. Too Cute! I have to say I love the bathrobe belt too!

  3. Ethan is into Ninjas right now too, he loves that cartoon Lego Ninjago, not sure if Trent has seen is yet though.