July 27, 2012

Update for Prayer

Several of you have been praying for Hannah Johnson Rinehart and have asked for an update on her today. (If you didn't see my post about her situation, Click HERE) Here is a FB note from her father regarding her surgery yesterday:

First of all, thank you everyone for all the prayers and kind comments we have received on Hannah Johnson Rinehart's, our daughter', behalf. It's a blessing to open up FB and read all the wonderful things you have shared.
We are thankful that Hannah's surgeries went very well yesterday. She did good from a health standpoint and the doctors expect her to heal. The removal of the affected areas will allow her body to get on with the process of healing.

The doctors and the staff have given her such excellent care. Many of the nurses who have worked on Hannah during the last three weeks came by to visit and look in on her. I think they get attached as well. Some were obviously moved.

At the right moment yesterday, while she was in the surgery, a gentleman came to visit us whose wife had experienced a very simular situation four years ago. She had also lost her hands and feet to a terrible infection.

He probably spent thirty or fourty minutes sharing with us and allowing us to ask questions. The good news that he brought was that even though life will change for all of us, it will be good again. A lot of rehab and training will take place, but Hannah will be able to have a wonderful life.

It was difficult visiting her for the first time. She was still asleep and resting peacefully. It will take some getting used to, but her beauty comes through in spite of the bandages. The Hannah we know and love is still here and we will go forward with her new life.

By any measure I can imagine, yesterday was the hardest day of our lives. The emotion and pain we feel for our daughter is very strong. We just about get our heads around it and then the reality of what has happened comes back and we simply have to keep going. Time and God's grace will heal all.

Since Hannah got sick, it seems like everyone in the world has at least spiritually put their arms around us. I don't think we will ever be able to measure the comfort and love we have felt. Thank you all.

Please continue to keep Hannah in your prayers. We doubt she understands what has happened to her and we know the moment she finds out is when the real work will begin. We are trying to keep family members with her as much as possible so she doesn't have to face this alone.

Thank you, Hannah's Dad

Here is the news video of the woman referred to in the above letter, whose husband came to speak to Hannah's family:

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