August 23, 2012

A Laugh From the Babysitter!

I couldn't resist sharing a little laugh from our babysitter last night...

Both Scott and I had evening meetings last night so I had a neighbor girl watch the kids for me - It was her first time babysitting but she did an incredible job handling three kids at once and getting them all to bed. Even the baby (who doesn't take a bottle or sippy cup...just momma's milk) was still happy and cuddly when I got home - that was my biggest worry but she did just fine!

Despite the babysitter's excellent skills, I came home to find Trent sleeping in my bed (he claimed to the babysitter that brother was keeping him awake), Chase was somehow sleeping in the toybox, and the baby's diaper was on backwards!!!

No disasters, but it was hilarious to find each surprise one after another. And how in the world did Chase get in the toy box?!!

Life with kids - always something going on to keep you laughing!!


  1. Trent in your bed - okay easy to understand.
    Chase in the toybox - fell asleep playing?
    But how on earth did the baby's diaper get on backwards!!?? hahaha

  2. That is so funny and the pic is adorable!!! New follower from the hop!
    Looking forward to reading more!
    Misty @

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