August 28, 2012

Conquering the Diving Board

This past weekend was full of pool parties and I was so proud and blown away by our 6 year old who for the first time considered attempting the diving board.

Known to be sometimes timid, I wasn't sure Trent would warm up to the idea as quickly as he did. But he jumped right off the low-dive without even hesitating, knowing that I was treading water close to where he jumped in. But after a couple attempts with me in the water to "catch" him, he was willing to try without me in the pool at all, doing his best of a swim to the side of the pool by himself! A couple attempts later, he was doing it with me watching from the other side of the pool! What a HUGE accomplishment for this big guy!

Chase had a blast in the water too, but enjoyed putting his energy into eating most of all. He sat next to his cousin and fed grapes into her mouth, sharing the treats! Quite adorable!

It is so sad that the pool season will soon be ending, but I do feel that we have taken advantage of it throughout the summer and moved forward with learning to swim a little bit! I can't wait to throw Trent onto the swim team next summer!


  1. I remember how scared I use to be to jump off the diving board. Well done Trent. Gorgeous Chase, I wouldn't be able to resist the grapes :)

  2. They look like good days, for sure!