August 14, 2012

Moving Grooving Growing - Tidbits

It is so cliche to say, but Baby Girl is growing so fast! In just the past week, she started crawling (though she doesn't go too terribly far yet) and saying "Mama"! Who says gross motor and verbal skills can't develop all at once?! We're constantly impressed by how quickly she develops without us having to train and teach and practice like we have done with Chase ... we go back and forth between thinking she's a brilliant genius baby and thensimply realizing how much effort we really had to put in to help Chase develop these same skills. It's all an amazing example of the miracle of life and it boggles my mind how we don't realize what mind-blowing accomplishments babies are constantly making and discovering on their own each day!

I read an article today about foresight for potty training when there's a baby around, and it made so much sense seeing that I have both an 8-month old as well as a toddler in the midst of potty training. Although I have never been and never will be one of those parents who potty train their infant, it did make sense that there might be some things I could do to make things easier down the road for baby girl when the time comes. If you're interested, click over to to check it out!

In other news, Chase was fitted for inserts in his shoes - a minimal form of orthotics that will increase his stability and awareness to help him increase his strength and flow of walking. If we can just manage to keep shoes on his feet, it will be interesting to see how they help him out! Too bad we worked so much on teaching him to put on and take off his shoes .... totally backfiring! I love how we can shake our head in dismay and yet be so proud of our child's skills all at the same time! What a guy!

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