August 11, 2012


A 16 year old with Cerebral Palsy named Matthew Walzer wrote an open letter on his blog (Here), asking Nike to design and produce a self-tying shoe, as his inability to tie laced sneakers (Nike makes the only kind he is able to wear) keeps him from being able to dress himself.

This is a great request, not only for people with CP, but also for others with the lack of fine motor skills or other physical issues that prevent the ability to be able to tie one's own shoes. I can envision Chase taking a long time to learn this skill, though I do hope he will eventually get there.

The shoe blog, Nike Kicks, posted this video about Walzer's letter and will send a postcard to Nike for every person who tweets about the video with the hashtag #NikeLetter - hopefully this viral request will bring about a new shoe product for many with disabilities! In the meantime, it is interesting to see social media being used to bring awareness to an issue which many people see as a small thing, but which can really be of huge importance to many people!

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