August 9, 2012

Potty Training Update + Resources

I promised an update on potty training and here it is! We've been at it for five-six days now and overall it's been better than I imagined, though we're not quite there yet...

We started by using the first half of Murphy's 4 Day Potty Training Program (see below). Days 1 and 2 consisted of eliminating pull ups except while Chase was sleeping, and we stuck pretty close to the potty (which thankfully is next to our laundry room!). The frustrating part was that Chase would often hold it in while on the potty and then wet his underpants two minutes later. But he has frequently gone a little bit in the potty in between his hundred or so accidents, he will tell me half the time when he's wet, will sign potty and often tell me when he needs to go. However he has yet to tell me he needs to go and then follow through while on the potty.

I'm helping Chase with dressing a little and am sending him to school in pullups but changing back into underpants when he comes home. His teachers sit him on the potty when they change him - perhaps they will have some success!

Although we did not leave the house at all on Saturday and Sunday (our two days of bootcamp), we did venture out today in just underpants! We drove five minutes down the road to run some errands, hitting three stores and returning home with no accidents!! I couldn't believe it, especially since Chase had a little drink just before our outing! So that was a big success despite the accidents at home that followed!

The other fun part of the potty training has been the chance to focus just on Chase! With two siblings (including a  baby), he rarely gets my full attention and I think he enjoyed the time despite the focus on the potty!

So we are far from being done, but fully committed to continuing the work. Except for some upcoming potential trips, we'll keep going with the pullups only awake (and not in school). Hopefully we'll be able to see measurable success with time!

For anyone else with a child with T21, here are some resources that were suggested to us. I'm including them in the hopes that they may help anyone else out who is in the same stage as we are!!

Murphy's 4 Day Potty Training Program - This is what we have started and though we have yet to complete the program, this is what was recomended to us after a sweet friend had a positive experience with it with her young daughter with DS. It is also widely recommended online for kids with T21 and seems to make sense though I do not expect to follow one or two aspects of it (ex. refraining from prompting, pullups at night, pullups at school).
- PDF Outline- Bill and Ria's Experience
- Justin's Experience at
Advice from Ken Moreno - (He is a T21 Parent and behavioral analyst)
Amy Julie Becker on T21 Toilet Training (general experience)

Other tips I've received:

Potty Time Potty Watch - ($9) set to remind child (with a song!) to go potty every hour - it plays a song when it's time to go! This was recommended to me to help with "Schedule Training" but is not part of Murphy's plan.

Bed Wetting Alarm - I've heard a lot of moms whose kids with Down syndrome had amazing experiences becoming trained by using a bed wetting alarm during the day in conjunction with regular potty training techniques. Although this makes perfect sense to me, I think it would startle Chase too much to be useful for him at this age!

Portable Potty Seat - Chase won't sit on a grownup potty without a seat, so when we're out and about we need something to help him out or it's a no-go. I picked up a cheap portable potty seat to stick in my diaper bag. Other moms I know (and we've done this in the past) have kept a little Potty Chair in the back of our car for on the go use.

Signing Time Resources: Potty Time DVD and free Potty Time app!


  1. Check out the iGoPotty App for iPhone and Droid. It has the same watch/timer, and it's free. :)

    We have a potty seat that converts to a portable one. But I have also seen fold up potty seats. I have yet to purchase one, but I love the idea of how portable they are.

    You and Chase are doing great! :)

  2. I'm sure Chase will figure it out as soon as he is able. He likes to please.

  3. Oh what a sweet face. Oh, I love your blog and your little boy. I'm sorry to just ooze joy, but ohhhh... I can't help myself. I had a tough time with Samuel, too, and to this day Samuel (who is 11) still sometimes holds in his bowel movements so much that when he finally DOES go its not a pretty picture in our restroom! I know, I know TMI!

    Anyway, happy to visit from Like Me On Facebook with Naptime Review!