August 20, 2012

Somebody Does That {dot} Com

Here's a letter from a college friend, Donald who just started a new blog with a really interesting theme! Below is an intro to what he's doing - be sure to drop by his site and leave him some love!
I think I mentioned to many of you before that I was starting a blog about unconventional jobs and how people ended up in these unique career paths. After many months of travelling and writing, I am finally launching the blog.  The wesbite is: There should be a sidebar on the right side of the page where you can put in your e-mail address to follow the blog.  Thanks so much to Shar and Liz for their feedback to start! 
This project came out of a conversation I had with three women I met at happy hour who told me they were museum designers. I had never really heard of that, and we spent about an hour talking about their work and their backgrounds. A week later I took my mentees at Georgetown around New York to meet people in their fields of interest. 
What struck me was that college students and young people in general often have a somewhat limited view of what’s possible for them. They want to be doctors, and lawyers, Wall street types or do TFA. Those are all great jobs, but that’s kind of it.  I was hoping that by travelling around and talking to people with interesting jobs I could help hear some cool stories and give them access to someone or something they may not have heard about before. That's what I hope I've done with this blog. 
In any event, I would love it if you could follow the blog and share the link with your friends and family. With your input and the input of others, I can continue to build on this and make it better. Thanks so much!

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  1. This sounds very similar to my Passionate People segment at Dedicated 2 Life. Glad he is sharing inspiration to others. Good luck to him = )