October 23, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go...

It has been a tradition of ours to hit the North Georgia Mountains each fall, just at the peak of the fall foilage, for some hiking, corn mazes, and pumpkin patch fun.

Most of the fun this year was at Amicalola falls where we had a wonderful time but we stayed too long and missed the pumpkin patch and apple festival! Instead, I think we'll have to go by Publix and pick up some apples to make crock pot applesauce or scoop up some pumpkin pulp for pie!

Amicalola Falls was beautiful - although we've been there a dozen times we always enjoy it. How neat that here outside of Atlanta we have the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi! (729 feet)

Scott has done some pretty incredible hikes lately, up some of the tallest mountains in the country. But nothing compares to hiking with three kids! Wow, that's a workout! Thankfully Trent is an excellent hiker and Chase walked/climbed a good bit on his own. But when we got to the old folks cafeteria buffet at the top, we were ravenous and gobbled down unsightly amounts of food before turning around for the return trip!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoy your blog; keep up the awesome work; we must live close to each other if your hiking experience was anywhere near where you live! It's definitely a beautiful season to celebrate and enjoy your precious family!