October 19, 2012

Language Each Will Understand

I started praying for my boys before they were born, trying in my imperfect way to ask that God would bless them through health, joy, friendship, marriage, and anything else I could think of. Though the prayers varied, I always prayed that they would never go a day without knowing that Jesus Christ was their Lord and Savior.

With Chase's diagnosis, the prayers changed a bit. I prayed more for health concerns, for me to have added patience, for Chase to progress in development.  I still pray for him to have a saving understanding of Jesus and for him to intimately know God's love for him.

I read an article on Noel Piper's blog (John Piper's wife) a long time ago and was touched by it yet again today when I stumbled across it for a second time. It is more than worth your read - it is short but so wonderful and revealing to me on this topic for faith among those with disabilities. She related a father's story of how God spoke to his daughter with autism during a time of need, and it underscored to me how God will speak to each of us in ways that each of us will personally understand. Go check out Mrs. Piper's blog post HERE.

I'm excited to see Chase's progression of faith, as it is already taking a different path than that of his big brother. Chase knows that God and Jesus exist and they love him, however I have no idea what the depth of that understanding is. But he loves to pray and is often the one to remind us to say a blessing at mealtime... and then tries to get us to pray many times throughout the meal as well, which gets amusing. But he is three, and has a long way to go. I can't wait to not only teach him more and more about Christ, but to see what he teaches us about faith as well!

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  1. Have I ever told you my first experience with DS? A family in our church had 5 kids, and the youngest was DS. They decided to keep her at home. Almost unheard of in the 1950's. She was the sweetest and most faith-filled person you can imagine. And compared to God we all have a pretty pathetic IQ. Also, have I sent you a link to my friend Dave's coffee roastery? He started it so he could employ his DS daughter. She manages the store. http://furnacehillscoffee.com/our-story/