October 16, 2012

Pony Rides - Piece of Cake

We were blessed to have the opportunity to visit my grandmother at her nursing home the day her residence hosted a really fun, family friendly fall festival, and the kids had a ball sampling cotton candy, playing games, and - yes - riding ponies! 

Obviously the ponies were just walking at a slow pace, but I loved seeing Chase hop up onto the saddle without hesitation (ok, he actually tried to cut in line he was so excited) and ride one handed without support while waving to the rest of us!

It wasn't the first time he's ridden a pony - he actually rode one at 18 months - but back then he needed two hands to steady him and lots of support. This time, he was all on his own - Daddy walked next to him for our peace of mind rather than as a necessity! 

I went back and read my post from two years ago about Chase riding that horse for the first time... It's always so awesome to think of how far he has come and events like this are always great reminders of how he can do all those things we wondered at his birth if he'd ever get to do. No limits!

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