November 1, 2012

Halloween Recap!

What a fun Halloween! Our sweet neighbors hosted a get-to-gether where the kids played and we all had a bite to eat before taking pictures and heading out for some fun. 

Chase (a blue monster) was a little impatient this year and it took some convincing for him to only accept one piece of candy at each house - he wanted to be efficient and get all his candy at once by emptying the whole candy bowl at the first house!

Trent made his third costume change of the season (first a golfer, then a ninja, then a football player) and had a blast going around with his daddy and his friends. (By the way, he's not mad in this picture, he's just making a tough guy face!)

Caroline - since it was freezing out - stayed with me to hand out candy and collect compliments from the trick-or-treaters! She thought the whole thing was ridiculous, and stayed by the front door to look out the window and watch everything that was going on.

And she was right, it was pretty ridiculous. Bags upon bags of candy, and yet we ran out by 7:45! It's easy to figure out why... it seems that our neighborhood is the go-to trick-or-treat destination for all ages whether the kids live here or not! I have never seen so many trick-or-treaters in my life!

Now that Halloween is over and November has started, I'm anticipating life going at full speed until we suddenly find ourselves in the new year! My goodness, holiday season has begun! 

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