November 2, 2012

Sports Illustrated Underdogs Contest

Eric Dompierre, a 19 yr old high school football player had to petition the state's athletic association to let him play because of his age. A kicker on the team, Dompierre was successful in changing the rule that almost barred him from playing. (To read more click here.)

Now a video about Dompierre is in first place in the Sports Illustrated annual “Underdogs” contest. Readers will choose the winner in an online vote open through Nov. 15. 

"I think when those kids see someone like Eric working hard to overcome his disability, I like to think it motivates them to do their best as well," his dad, Dean Dompierre, says in the video.
Check out the video and go vote for this inspiring guy to win a  $25,000 grant for his school and a trip to New York. 

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