January 27, 2013

Smiles Connect Us All

I saw this picture today and it struck me how simple but true this saying is: "We all smile in the same language!"

Chase loves to say hello and buh-bye to everyone he passes, usually while smiling and waving to. As crazy as it may be sometimes (today he was doing this at full volume while cupping his hands around his mouth and walking through the halls of church, lol), everyone always flashes back a huge smile and says hi or goodbye back to him. He can be silly, but he makes people's day!

I understand how hard it can be for people outside the disability community to step forward and initiate conversation with someone who is not fully verbal or who is hard to understand. It can be intimidating and I myself feel nervous because I don't want to be at a loss because I don't understand the other person. But even if someone can't communicate with you, they can still appreciate your asking how they're doing or telling them it's nice to see them. And remember, "We all smile in the same language!"

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