March 27, 2013

Adding a Little Faith to the Debate


  1. makes me so sad to see this...and quite contradicting--Love One Another, BUT...
    so closed minded considering you have a child with special needs and know how much "acceptance" means---regarless of personal opinion.
    Its not religious issue---its a civil issue...

  2. There should be a separation of church and state here - you're right. But allowing gay marriage does not provide a separation of church and state. Instead, allowing marriage in this situation will mandate that churches permit gay marriage within their institution, even when the church's religious beliefs don't agree with this. Not complying with this can mean that churches will lose 501c3 status. Even now, people with traditional Christian views are being persecuted for their belief. Let's allow Christians keep their beliefs without intimidating them and let's stop the bullying of people who are gay. Everyone should show love and tolerance. But this does not mean that marriage is the best resolution. I want to see more people coming together to dialogue, not a federal warrant that gay marriage must be supported by everyone (churches and Christians included). Somehow this debate has turned into a battle of the secular world vs. the Christian world and a loss of freedom of speech and religion instead of staying a simple issue of gay rights.

  3. And that is where we both agree, nobody should be persecuted for their beliefs---and churches shouldn't be forced to "marry" anyone if that is what they believe!
    I have a life partner and we don't expect for any church to be forced to marry us because the "law" says so...but I would love to have a Civil Union and the piece of mind knowing that if I should pass away, my partner would be "legally" entitled to the same benefits a married couple would have. That she would be able to make a decision on my behalf if I am incapable of doing so, because that is what anybody's wife, would be able to do. Because beyond everything, religion, state...we are a family...and deserve the right to be acknowledged as one. So you are completely right, its only a matter or human rights...
    Thank you for resonding, I was actually scared of your response as this is a touchy subject. You handled your response w/ such respect and I am very thankful for your thoughts. You have given me hope that there actually people out there that show love and tolerance regardless of their beliefs...
    Thank you again..

  4. This is what I love - being able to talk about the issue. I wish there were more real dialogue out in the world between everyone. You're awesome, Marie - so glad you commented! :)