April 21, 2013

A Golfing Kind of Day!

When Scott and I were in college, he would take me out to Haynes Point in Washington D.C. and he taught me to play on the public golf course that rambled alongside the Potomac River with the monuments in sight - what an amazing place to learn!

Today, with three kids, it is not often that I get to join Scott out on the golf course, but we managed to do something today - with all the kids in tow - that I didn't think we'd be doing as a family for a long time... We hit the driving range all-together!

Scott and I took turns hitting balls and watching the two little ones who nibbled snacks in the stroller or played in the open trunk of our SUV, while Trent had fun driving golf balls (sometimes two at a time...) with his 6-year-old size clubs. Despite his momentary lapses into goofiness, he really is pretty skilled at hitting a golf ball - or so I can believe as his mother!

Chase took a turn at hitting balls, and he hit plenty of them with me guiding the club over his hands. It was so much fun to do that with him, and as a fanatic of any ball-related sport, he was loving it.

Towards the end, as the range cleared out, we let him take over his own little mat and he counted the balls as he put them in the bucket or lined them up one by one. Although we're still working on pronunciation, he really does know how to count 1-10 and it is the best thing in the world to watch him count each number on his fingers and say his approximation the numbers.

I never would have believed that our busy family of five would be able to take to the driving range without causing a total scene, but it was a special time and a gorgeous day - what a blessing!

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for stoppin' by my blog and leaving a comment! Your little one is adorable; looks like he had fun!