April 28, 2013

We're Out Lounging!

I need to hang a sign on our front door - if we don't answer the doorbell, we must be out back lounging away!

Huge thanks to my in-laws, who gave us their former patio furniture to fill the big gaping whole that has been our patio the past year and a half! We've been enjoying the place to sit and enjoy the gorgeous Georgia spring and eating our dinners outside! 

We've done a bit of sprucing up since the photos, including removing the plastic covering you see on the table - these pictures were taken as soon as the furniture arrived, we just couldn't wait for the glass to be un-crated for us to use the furniture! We have even moved the regular Weber grill down into the basement garage so that our Big Green Egg can take center stage. Yes, we have officially turned into a 100% Green Egg grilling family! 

And we took grilling seriously this past week, cooking up some tasty (and colorful) kabobs in a honey soy sauce - YUM!

The other significant addition to the backyard is the little birdhouse Baby Caroline made at her playschool. I was told that the kids were very intense in their painting! Hopefully this will bring some pretty spring birds by to say hello!

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