June 3, 2013

Chase + Ann Vosskamp

We joke to people all the time that we named our second son "Chase", which is appropriate as we seem to be chasing him around all the time! Actually with three kids, I think we end up chasing all of them around - sometimes it seems we do this nonstop. It can get a little exhausting, though rewarding at the same time.

A sweet friend posted a blog post by Ann Vosskamp ("10,000 Gifts") which spoke of "chasing" in a different way that really grabbed my heart....

I love the verse from Psalm 23:6 - "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life". It reminds me of the promise that God has good things planned for me and my life, and I love to grab hold of this hope when days seem tough.

But Vosskamp made the verse even more special by pointing out, "the Hebrew word for ‘follow’ is ‘radaph’ and it means to 'to pursue, to run after, to chase' or, quite literally, 'to hunt you down.'"  (Read her whole post on this here)

I love this, that God is chasing me down constantly with goodness and mercy. There is such love and promise in this - that God wants to bless me (and us, and you) so much that he chases after me to do this!

I want to keep this word picture with me, and hopefully each time I find myself breathlessly chasing Chase or his siblings around the house, I will be always thinking about how God is tirelessly chasing after me - all the time - to bring me goodness and mercy. What an amazing blessing to have a God who loves us this much!

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