July 17, 2013

Alberta and Calgary: Canola and Cowboys!

It was a lot of fun to take the kids across the border into Canada - Trent loved determining exactly when we crossed that line and had got a big kick out of collecting the foreign coins in a little wallet for us. Thank goodness all our kids are such good travelers - otherwise we would have been in trouble!
International Boundary Sign

Field after Field of  Gorgeous Bright Yellow Canola Plants - the Source of Canola Oil

There were so many beautiful barns in both Montana and Alberta, and the colors were amazing!
This one was in Nanton, Alberta.

Calgary itself was at the height of its famous Stampede festival - a week long celebration of rodeos, horses, cowboys, farming, and fair games and food. People watching was amazing! Everyone wore at least a cowboy hat, if not boots or a head-to-toe cowboy get-up! 

Caroline learns how to lasso! Her brothers better be careful!
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  1. Looks like you are having some really good times!