July 14, 2013

Glacier National Park - Part I

We stayed two nights and three days in Glacier National Park, Montana on our vacation last week, doing lots of hiking and taking in the amazing views of the Rocky Mountains and glaciers dotting the peaks and crevices of the mountainside. 

We spent the first night at Apgar Village in a cabin (with no AC despite the heat!) by the lake overlooking the mountains that we hiked the next couple of days.

The kids did a great job hiking and we were excited to spot some non-dangerous wildlife.  Hikers who went before us told of bear sightings (from a safe distance) but fortunately or unfortunately there were no bears spotted by us!

We stayed at "Many Glacier" for our second night in the park - where the lodge was done in full Austrian style and was built right next to another gorgeous lake, which we hiked around the next day.

The waterfalls were amazing and the rivers full of rapids from the force of the water coming from the melting glaciers (which we found out had diminished greatly from global warming). The waterfalls were even found coming straight out of the face of rock alongside the mountains, as the water would sometimes run underground and pop out from crevices in the rock.

See posts from the rest of our trip - (and more to come!)

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