July 13, 2013

Hello, Whitefish, Montana!

What an amazing past eight days! We've just arrived home from out latest adventure out west, and I think we have a new favorite destination! It's rare that our family goes someplace that we'd be willing to travel to more than once, but we would love to go back to Montana and Glacier National Park and do it over again!

8 days, 7 nights, 2 countries, 2 national parks, 18 miles hiked, a different hotel each night, and lots of memories created. Here's the trip in a nutshell:
Saturday: Arrived in Kalispell, Montanta - Stayed the night in Whitefish, MT
Sunday: Played in Whitefish for the day, Stayed the night in Glacier National Park
Monday: Hiking in Glacier National Park
Tuesday: Hiking in Glacier National Park - Stayed at Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada
Wednesday: Hiking in Banff
Thursday: Calgary, Alberta for the Stampede
Friday: Glacier National Park for one last day of hiking, Stayed the night in Whitefish, MT
Saturday: Whitefish, MT - Then flight home to Atlanta

Whitefish was a little town next to Kalispell - almost a part of Kalispell - that was small and simple and gorgeous, and full of fun outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and mountain sports. The air was as fresher than imaginable, full of the smell of pine, and a group of ducks patrolled the lake - one of Caroline's favorie parts of the trip!

We spent our first morning there out on Whitefish lake on a little boat just taking in the views, and that afternoon went up to "Big Mountain" to go on an alpine slide and gondola. It had great views of Glacier National Park in the distance - a beautiful preview of what was to come!

See posts from the rest of our trip - (and more to come!)

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  1. Looks like a wonderful time with memories to last.