August 5, 2013

Justice for Jenny - A Victory

If you haven't followed the "Justice for Jenny" guardianship case where a  young woman with Down syndrome was having her independence questioned when it came to where she wanted to should live, you need to read this article. Not to spoil the ending, but the judge ultimately decided in favor of Jenny's decision to live with her friends and employers, who had consistently shown responsibility, care and love to her over a period of time. (Jenny's decision was contrary to the desires of her parents, who seemed to want to protect her but had not shown much of an interest in her prior to the case.)

“For anyone who has been told you can’t do something, you can’t make your own decisions, I give you Jenny Hatch — the rock that starts the avalanche,” her attorney, Jonathan Martinis, exulted after the decision.

This case turned out amazing for Jenny, but is going to make a difference going forward when it comes to disabled adults being able to make decisions for themselves. Obviously not all disabled adults are in a position to determine their living situations, but many are perfectly capable of making good decisions in this area.

When Chase is older, I hope that he will have people around him to make sure he is safe and well taken care of, but who will also listen to his desires and goals and help him achieve them. I'm sure it'll be a hard road, but Chase deserves to have his input heard and valued!

Read about the decision in the Washington Post, HERE.

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