August 2, 2013

Meet and Greet!

Today was the local elementary's "Meet Your Teacher Day" -  the big day we've been waiting for in order to meet Chase's new teacher!

After almost a year and a half with the same teacher and paraprofessional, it seems strange to have things change, but we were thrilled to find the new teacher to be very sweet, exciting, caring, and a good dose of firm with Chase when he decided he didn't want to stop playing and help clean up! She turns out to be one of the old kindergarten teachers who moved down to pre-kindergarten, which I think will be good for Chase in many regards. She knows what Chase needs to learn in order to succeed at kindergarten and will be focused on preparing him for that new stage, and will hopefully expect a lot out of his in-class behavior as well. She plans on helping with potty training, which will be an added reinforcement to what we do at home.

Although we haven't met all the kids, we were very excited to find out that one of Chase's friends will be in his class!

I'm feeling so blessed that Chase is in such a school with a great teacher and surrounded by wonderful friends. It's bound to be a great year!

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