September 24, 2013

Speak Easy

Chase had his annual appointment yesterday at the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic where Dr. Visootsak not only checked his overall health, but noted his progress, discussed school/IEP issues, and gave recommendations on a slew of different topics. I'm always amazed at the comprehensive scope of the appointment and how she can quickly size up a child's medical and behavorial progress!

The main concern that we spoke about was Chase's speech: its progress (or lack thereof) and especially his articulation. We're going to be working extra hard in this area, hiring a babysitter (and aspiring speech/language pathologist) to work with him each week. Although the clinic is hesitant to recommend experimental medications or herbal supplements (such as Nutrivene), she did recommend a formulation of nutritional supplements called SpeechNutrients Speak to target cognitive function and provide antioxidants and omegas.

On the school front, we are working with the teacher and school speech therapist to revise Chase's IEP to more accurately express the goals we want to work on, better track his progress, and guide everyone involved on how to best help Chase with his speech.

Hopefully one of these new things that we are trying will spark a jump in Chase's articulation and speech progress!

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  1. With so much loving help around, I'm sure he will eventually get the speech component!