January 23, 2014

Christian Book List

My discipleship group is about to embark on a book to read alongside our curriculum materials, and were given this list of amazing Christian books to choose from! We ultimately decided on reading "What Did You Expect" but I am also picking up the book by Fitzpatrick as I know it is absolutely amazing and I'd love to get a better foundation on how to parent my kids from a grace-filled Christian perspective! Here's the list in case anyone else is in search of a fabulous book!

1.What did you expect? by Paul David Tripp

2. As for Me and My House by Walter Wagnerian, Jr.

3.Give Them Grace by Fitzpatrick and Thompson

4.The Mystery of Children by Mike Mason

Changing lives: 
5.Instruments in The Redeemer's Hands by Paul David Tripp (A Christian living must-read!)

6. A Praying Life - Connecting with God in a life filled with distractions - by Paul miller

7. A Loving Life by Paul miller (Covers loving people spouse, children, friends, etc.)

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