February 8, 2014

Evening at the Circus!

Last night was a fantastic circus show put on for the boys and many of the area children with special needs thanks to Ringling Brothers and Gas South. The kids had such a great time and it was the perfect chance to get an up close view of the animals and performers and even take pictures right down on the floor of the arena! Trent was especially grateful he got to have the up close, and thanked Chase for having Down syndrome so he could have the opportunity!


  1. Looks like a fun time. So Chase isn't scared of costumes?

  2. Chase did great! Way to Go!

    I taught Special Education right out of College and had a wonderful relationships with all my students, I would get to learn what they liked and didn't pretty quickly but when I could make them give me a full on 'real' smile it always brightened up my day!

    Great shots! Haven't been out to the circus in ages! Looks you guys had a great time!