July 17, 2014

{Recipe} Quinoa, Salmon, and Chickpea Salad

I am absolutely in love with this new one-bowl meal! I had
found a yummy looking chickpea salad dish on Pinterest a while back, and though
the recipe looked great and the photos delicious, my taste buds just weren’t as
delighted as I expected them to be. Perhaps I left out too many ingredients
(yes, I have to admit that!) or maybe I’m just not a fan of eating a bowl of

But either way, I wasn’t just going to waste the huge bowl I
prepared and which the non-adventurous family members weren’t going to help me
with (read guys who like food for men and think chickpeas are not to be
included in their meat and potatoes diet…). So what did I do? I started
throwing in all the yummy things in my fridge that I thought might make it
palatable for me – mainly the quinoa and salmon that I had cooked the previous
night and of which I had lots of leftovers.

The result? Amazing!!!

Suddenly all the tastes came together and I was in love. The
salmon tasted great with the lemon juice, and the quinoa tempered the strong
taste of the lemon flavored feta. And the chickpeas? Suddenly I didn’t even
taste them anymore. All the flavors just melded in one big bowl of

So maybe I sound a little over-enthusiastic about this dish,
but believe me – it is not often that I cook and surprise myself with the
result. (My husband would agree!) But I loved how the food tasted and even
better – it kept me full for hours!



OneCan Chickpeas


¼cup Fresh Parsley


1/8cup Lemon Juice


6-8oz Salmon, cooked


10oz. feta, crumbled


1.5cup Quinoa, cooked

   Directions: Cook
Salmon according to taste (I prefer grilled with minimal seasoning), Cook
Quinoa according to package directions. Mix all ingredients in one bowl and
serve chilled.

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