July 24, 2014

{Recipe} Watermelon Lime Berry Mint Salad

I was charged with bringing a side dish to a friend's 40th birthday this past week and needed to decided upon something we'd want to eat with BBQ and in the hot sun. Well, the only thing I wanted to eat in the blazing summer sun was watermelon (and gallons of water), so it was an easy choice!

Not so easy was finding a way to make the simple chunks of watermelon seem like an original and unique idea. But a quick trip to the internet quickly showed lots of results for a lime and mint version that turned out to look and smell as delicious as it tasted!

Fortunately for me, the ingredients and directions were easy:

1 Small Watermelon
1 Pint Blackberries
Juice from 1 Lime
2.5 Tbsp minced fresh mint leaves (These grow easily in an herb garden, even in the summer sun!)

Combine all ingredients, showering the salad with the lime juice last. Voila! Watermelon Lime Berry Mint Salad!

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